Breathwork with Cailin Callahan

"...it's my jam."

"A breathwork session with Cailin may not sound like what it is. I am the type of person who wants to evolve, learn from my mistakes, be awakened to what I’ve been asleep to. I can only accomplish so much in each therapeutic modality — talk therapy can get me so far, Rolfing can get me so far, meditation, acupuncture - everything has its place. Without a doubt, breathwork is integral for real and true integration of my own trauma. it works. And it’s hard and it’s world-rocking. If i would prefer to stay asleep, behind the “veil” - then this wouldn’t be for me. But if I want a chance at unapologetic joy and love for myself and others, it’s my jam." -Kelly Croce Sorg

Magical would be the best word I could use to describe my breath sessions with Cailin. The breath for me was able to identify parts of myself I was not able to see or accept about myself/ life. Needless to say at some points things were really intense during the session but the release that came with that work was so freeing. Starting the session and talking to Cailin makes sure you feel comfortable and safe + she brings in her oils to get you ready for exactly what you want to dive into during your session & ending the session with water colors allows you to express yourself in a new way because you come out of every session BRAND NEW. There truly are no words to describe it. I’m always looking forward to my next session! -Hanna Longfellow

"...you feel comfortable and safe."

"I feel different..."

"The breathing session was unlike any healing modality I have experienced before. I have been through so many transformational exercises, and alternative healing practice and nothing came close to this. It was physical & emotional during the session and that continued afterwards for days. When asked how it was, my only answer  was- 'I feel different, I cannot explain it.' I feel like everything else has scraped the surface and this was profoundly deep. Breathing this way and being guided by you truly tapped in and released some of what I didn’t even know was there. And others that I thought wouldn’t be able to be released. I cannot wait to continue this with you when you come back!!!!" -Court

Breathe it out. Shed your extra, unwanted and possibly unknown, internal weight this decade through the magic of Breathwork. I met Cailin this summer and through her beautiful yoga studio/café/boutique, I have transformed my life, finding the path taking me to the best version of myself. One of the gorgeous experiences that led me to my path was a breathwork session with Cailin and five other women. I was skeptical going into it as I did not quite understand what it was, how it worked or if I even “needed” something like this. I wouldn’t categorize my life as one that has been tough or burdened with trauma. What I discovered, however, is something that I will keep with me and continue to tap into throughout my life. Because we all have had experiences in life, some good, some bad, some great, some ugly. No matter what the experience, we don’t always have the proper tools at the time of the event to fully digest what happened and what that means to our bodies and minds. Sometimes these things can get trapped and continue to materialize in your life in ways that don’t seem to make sense. Something you may tell yourself 'I’m over that, I’ve been done with that for years,' but truthfully it’s stuck in your muscles and you’ve had chronic tense lower back pain that you kept blaming on the soft mattress. That’s just one completely random example, but the truth is, no matter what your life has looked like, we all have things that could use some integrating. Cailin provides a beautiful, loving and safe space to talk freely about your current or past situations and she is talented at what she does. I cannot recommend more highly the experience of a breath session. At the very least, you will come out the other end feeling lighter, happier and clearer. 2020 is the start of health and wellness taking new form. Out with the cold, rigid, one hour sessions with a shrink and in with the warm, flowing, energetic integration of breathing. You have the tools, you just need Cailin to show you how to use them." -Megan Cautilli

"...feeling lighter, happier and clearer."

"I have attended various offerings at Golden Buddha Yoga over the years & everything Cailin has shared with me thus far has ultimately resulted in a positive effect on my life. Whether it was a workshop, a series or a class...I always finished feeling like a better version of myself. So when I heard Cailin was facilitating breathwork sessions I was stoked to give it a go even though I hadn’t the slightest idea what to expect or what it entailed. 

Fast forward three private sessions and one group session later and all I can say is the experience is life CHANGING!!!

There were several challenges in my life I had spent years trying to overcome through traditional talk therapy, hypnotherapy & other alternative modalities. But they all left me feeling like there was something untouched, something in the depth of my soul that hadn't yet been reached. That is until I found breathwork. 

During each of my breath sessions, Cailin held me both literally and figuratively and guided me THROUGH these challenges & traumas. After each session, we would discuss what came up over tea while Cailin would paint me a beautiful watercolor “report card”.

Immediately following my first session I experienced intense physical effects like ravenous hunger & a strong headache in my prefrontal cortex. This just affirmed how much energy was being integrated and Cailin explained I was opening up.

But with each session, I felt less discomfort. It's just like exercising a muscle, the first time you might be sore but then you get stronger. 

I quickly noticed a change in myself...I had a lightness about me that wasn’t there before. I could recall memories but without a charge attached to them. All without judgement or anxiety. It was so incredibly freeing!! I began to feel the peace that I had been searching for.

It is a truly remarkable experience & I so look forward to future sessions!!! -Megan Pfiefer 

"it's just like exercising a muscle."

For years I've studied with Cailin, learning about the connection of the bodymind. Battling stage 4 metastatic breast cancer for over 18 months opened me up to all forms of healing - eastern, western, traditional, and non-traditional.


The deep breathing techniques break up energy blockages and tension held in the soft tissue and organs. Additionally, this healing modality has helped me address some of the emotional causes of cancer. 


There are times where there is so much clarity about what work needs to be done, and other times where additional questioning and journaling help provide answers for me.


I'm unbelievably grateful for Cailin and Golden Buddha Yoga always being on the forefront of learning new techniques and practices that continually help you learn, heal, and grow. -Jenn Kirch

"break up energy blockages..."