Cailin Callahan started Golden Buddha Yoga long before she gave it it’s name. Growing up on the shores of South Jersey, she created a dynamic life for herself after college, traveling, studying and exploring abroad during the winters, and then returning home to work in the summers. What started out as a private yoga session once a week at a friends house in Ocean City, NJ nearly ten years ago has since grown into a booming, beautiful, compassionate and tightly knit Global community. In the summer of 2015 she set some roots with her first 'brick and mortar' studio so that there would be a sacred space for this community to learn, grow and connect throughout the year (despite her absence in the winter months). To accomodate the growing community she will open a training center that is in the works on the Southern tip of Baja, Mexico and a seasonal homebase in Sri Lanka. Cailin has hand picked teachers that lead from the heart, that teach from their own authentic voice, and that offers up a variety of ‘tools’ that we can utilize in the day to day. Though she’s traveling and teaching in Sri Lanka, Mexico, Morocco, Greece, Italy, California, Switzerland, Sweden, Key West and India most of the year, she always returns home in the summer to continue nourishing, and being nourished by, the community that started it all. 



GOLDEN BUDDHA YOGA takes its name from the following story...


In 1957, a group of Tibetan monks was informed that they would have to move their sacred shrine because a highway was being built on that land. A focal point of their inhabitance was a huge clay Buddha, which also had to be relocated. Moving the Buddha was no small feat. The monks arranged to have a crane move the Buddha to their new location. The moment they started lifting the Buddha on the crane, the clay began to crack. To make matters worse, rain was pattering down, deepening and widening the cracks. To protect the Buddha from further damage after it had been moved, the monks covered it with tarps overnight. During the evening, the head monk went under the tarps with a flashlight to check on the clay Buddha. Upon shining light on the Buddha the monk noticed golden shimmers of light radiating from the cracks. He brought back his chisel and hammer to chip away at the clay and uncover the shimmer from within the Buddha’s frame. As the monk chipped away at the clay Buddha, he realized that it was not clay after all– the Buddha was made of gold. Surprised by his discovery, the monks were eager to determine the heritage of the Buddha. They learned that many centuries earlier, their predecessors worshiped the Buddha in its golden form. These ancestral monks got word that the Burmese army was coming to destroy their community and attack them, so they covered the Buddha in clay to protect it. The monks were killed in the attack, but the army placed no value on the clay Buddha and therefore left it unharmed.


GBY is dedicated to removing the layers of 'clay' that keep us from experiencing and sharing the radiant, Golden essence within!