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Topics Available:

  • Conscious Communication by Cailin Callahan

  • Ceremony + Creating an Altar by Stephanie Penilla

  • Plant Medicine by Stephanie Penilla

  • Kundalini Ceremony by Kristin Bowe

  • Sound Healing Theory by Court Lloyd

  • The Business of Yoga by Kelsey Wiemer

  • Crystals by Michael and Claudia

  • Mantra + Devotional Singing by Saraswati

  • Essential Oils + the Emotional Body by Ginny Swift, Laurie Egrie and Anne Gramlich

  • Trauma-Informed Yoga Instruction by Laurie Egrie

  • Integrative Enneagram Work by Kevin Campbell

  • Intro to Ayurveda by Angela Perger

  • Advanced Inversions + Arm Balances by Rachael O'Brien

  • Yin Yoga by Cailin Callahan

  • Restorative Yoga by Cailin Callahan

  • Kundalini Yoga by Cailin Callahan

  • Teaching Yoga for Beginners by Kelsey Wiemer

  • Teaching Yoga for Teens by Kelsey Wiemer

  • Teaching Slow + Strong Yoga by Cailin Callahan

  • Teaching Gentle Yoga by Maria Provenzano

  • Teaching Kids Yoga by Jessica Schultz

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